Traveller's Editor

Traveller's Editor is a 3D world editing software which allows you to create your own worlds, by using a familiar TOP/LEFT/FRONT/3D view, allows the creation of complex, polygon-based objects (such as a sphere, or a tube), allows you to import objects from ASC or MD2 format, and in generally is a quite intuitive and user friendly application (although I recommend reading the User's Manual before starting using the program).

Right now, it's under development, please download the latest snapshot from the right and be patient with the bugs that occur.

There is a possibility to create extension plugins for the editor, for information on how to do this, please see the Extension Manual.

The lightweight GUI wrapper built around the Win32API one day will be released as a stand-alone GUI library, but firstly it needs to mature up. 


Please see a screenshot below showing a door:

Please see this screenshot showing two imported objects (the two barrels)